Sewage X

Sewage X

Aeration Solution

100% Natural biological remediation of sewage effluent and industrial waste water

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Fine Bubble Technologies offer a low cost Nanobubble Aeration Solution that can help reduce aeration costs in STP’s and WWTP’s.

What We Do

We develop innovative technologies and solutions that resolve existing water treatment problems more effectively and radically reduce consumption of natural resources. Simply put, our break-through technology is revolutionising industries across the world in the treatment of, and re-use of water including severely contaminated water.

Our technological innovation takes advantage of the natural phenomenon of the dissolution of extremely small gas particles in water, which improves the oxygen transfer efficiency in water by nearly 80.000 times in comparison to coarse

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It is important to understand that traditional aeration technologies
create macro bubbles that float to the surface and burst providing very little oxygen transfer into the water

The efficiency (ability to transfer oxygen into water) of 99% of the aeration devices on the market is less than 5%. Nanobubbles offer highly efficient oxygen transfer rates as they remain in the water column until all their oxygen is transferred into the water

MOST important is that Nano bubbles can sink to the bottom of the dams and provide oxygen to the sludge layer. Now aerobic bacteria can digest the sludge layer and prevent a build-up of sludge.